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Take a fucking stand

I have been thinking alot lately and some of my thoughts I would like to post on here once again

The upcoming election is a big part of this. also the outlet they use to get their message out to the voters of this wonderfull wonderfull nation........

I can guarantee you that 8 out of 10 people get their politics from the Television or not so much there politics but the bullshit the two party system has to feed to them through the medium that they own and invest in.

Its a vicious cycle that is easy to see....

Watch Tv. That gives rating's and makes money. The owners of these million dollar stations make money and contribute to this bullshit two party system. Then the canidates use that media to convey there brain washing message you watch, contribute to their campaign. can you not see this?

IF you think about it how are people bonded? Its ussually common interests. Me personally ive made some of the greatest friends in my whole life through a few things music.... and or marxism and free thinking. and also my sexiness...

But I mean think about it when everyone shares alot of the same views that come from that Television from theirs they stand "united" remember all that bullshit that was aired during 9-11

how it bonded most of the country together...

WEll when everyone is reading and watching the same thing its easy to control their thoughts. The corporate owned media do it everyday and especially around election time they make sure that everyone gets fed the same bullshit. they make sure that the 3rd voice is drowned out that the two power houses are heard and nothing else. because those two power houses make them money

There are two messages im trying to convey in this
TAKE A FUCKING STAND, Resist all forms of bullshit media.... search out your own news. search out your own education. Fuck art schools. Fuck cnn. Fuck all that shit refuse these monuments to bullshit and rebuild its not time for revolution its time for resistance. Like Brent has been preaching. Althought I do not totally agree on everything he has had to say resistance is the first step. Refuse and Resist

well maybe i only had 1 thing to convey.... Its all about resistance and free mindedness. If you question cnn thats the first step towards liberating your own mind. questioning is the first step towards a better you and a better society

Refuse and Resist

-Comrade Logan-
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