shattered mirrors (coloredskys) wrote in gasmasksociety,
shattered mirrors


Ok. I know im not a big fan of either kerry or bush. but kerry was cheated.
and i know this is a repeated statement of 2000, but when i see evidence of it then its a bit weird to me.

so 800,000 votes are taken from Palm Beach County, Florida when only 400,000+ showed up to vote?
when multiple states had errors with the electronic voting system and many ballots probably tossed because of these errors.
when North Carolina casts 11,000 votes more than were shown by exit polls.

Well I dont think Kerry should have conceded, and when everyone is scared of terrorism and gays then why did the states mostly affected by terrorism (new york and new jersey) both vote in favor of kerry?

This is a system of bullshit propaganda and always has been but 9/11 was the greatest exused ever for the government to scare people? I do NOT think this is necesarry at all and is only used to gain votes and keep the terrorists in power.

17 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were from where?

damn...saudi arabia?
holy shit.
but we attack iraq because saudi's invest in the bush family and the american way.
think about it.
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