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Anyone know where I can download or order a copy of the Anarchists Cookbook? My friend did, but the webiste he downloaded it from was shut down. Thanks!
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if you search for it online you'lll find it fairly easily. the problem is taht the anarchists cookbook is red flagged and the instant that you lay eyes upon it you will be undersurvailance by the government. the best way to go about it is to go to your local library and print it out. therefore they dont know who has it.
not true. when you log on to a computer it also logs an i.p address every comuter has one every computer records times dates and ect. at the library you "have" too sign in thus being able trace things back to you best bet is to go to an internet cafe be careful of prying eyes. but the most ideal situation is get your friens to put it on floppy and then load into your computer
yeah thats what i was gunna ask him, i just wanted to know if there were any other ways i could get it without having to ask for it and put him thru trouble saving it onto a disk for me. thanks for your help! ♥
try a "spy shop".. they used to have these stores called that and they sell everything!
I got it on a floppy somewhere. i actually found it on the i-drive at school about a year and a half ago. look thru the i-drive and try to find files that aren't named after a person, i forget the file name.

and of course, watch out when cooking up the recipes, a lot of them are designed to blow up in your face. BE CAREFUL.

thats kinda odd.... and thank you for the advice!!!!! ♥
dont believe in anything that books holds its all goverment approved bullshit they want you to use those recipes because they have no real impact on anything like a false textbook you would read in school