no_es_mi_pais (no_es_mi_pais) wrote in gasmasksociety,


HEres a song that i heard and made me cry...... dont ussually shed a tear for alot of songs but here check it out its by the templars

Land of the Free
We pledge allegiance to the Stars and the Stripes
We elect leaders who abuse our rights
Behind the constitution they hide their face
to disguise their guilty conscience and their disgrace
I stand looking over the land of the free
but when I look at my country I can't believe what I see
There's no such thing as the land of the free
See it in the papers, schools, and t.v.
Still you say that you don't believe
but I'm not a fool, I won't be a tool
Side with them and we'll get you
This land was built -thru your forefather's sweat and blood
All they got in return was hate and distrust
Decaying wasteland from sea to shining sea
The slums get bigger, they turn their backs on our needs
Brother against brother, they fill our minds with hate
Fueling the flames until it blows up in their face
Do you still believe in the American dream
a white picket fence and a happy family
We're all blinded by the images that they feed
But when the drugs wear off, where will we be?
The decadence within, the beginning of the end
The empire falls and the vultures descend
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