brain (madpenguin420) wrote in gasmasksociety,

i think everyone needs to read this shit again, and remember who they are

brent barlow

Today we live in a land of lost identities, a land in which soceity tells us we should be everything excpt who we are. We live in an economy where people live their lives by magazine covers and commercials. I have come to realize that we are the products on the covers of those magazines and in that add on the radio. We have lost who we are and have become the first sales pitch thrown our way. We need to go back to who we are, find who ourselfs and embrace our own beleifs. It is our ideas and philosophies that makes us who we are. And when we all find ourselves we will also find differences and diversity. These differences are already prevalent today in our society and (in some cases) cause hate and biggotry. Now coming into one's self one should realize that he or she are their own person and (once agian) will see things differently from another person and through these differences one should not hate another for their beliefs but rather accept them, not as their own but as the other persons. THERE CAN BE UNITY THROUGH DIVERSITY. This will take time to accomplish but if we can tough it out then we all can be happier. The first thing you can do is to go out and make a difference in any way you can, start perhaps with finding who you are. Turn off the t.v. put down that magazine BE YOURSELF!
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