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we the people...

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gasmask society is a place to start. it is a place organize what you think should happen and make it happen. know of a racist business? tag it, take a picture, and post it here. see a crooked cop? post his badge number and make sure he gets harassed to the fullest extent of the law...and maybe beyond. this is a place to start. post your articles, organize protests, give driections on making and serving a molotov cocktail. this is your revolution. this is your society. remember, it is only you who can make your ideas, beliefs, ideals manifest into something the whole world can enjoy. this is a place to start.


gasmasksociety, its members, writers, moderators, and anyone else involved with gasmasksociety will not be held responsible for any damage done using the contained information. we don't want to get sent to prison because some kid throws a molotov wrong and blows up his face. you know. but for th records: the contents of gasmasksociety are to be used for informational purposes only.