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i do confess i have grown very proud of this community and i am very appologetic that i havent been as active in it as i should be. its great to see todays youth not stagnating in thought and mindbut rathe growing and sharing. im so proud to see strength and a spirit of hope so strong that it cant be broken.but honestly its not enough and it never will be but that isnt a reason to quit or give up the resistence (note i said resistance not revolution ill get to this later). YOU SEE WE AS RACE, OUR SPECIES IF YOU WILL HAS AN UNCANNY GIFT A POWER OF CREATION NOT UNLIKE THAT OF "GODS" (i can understand if you dont like the terminology i chose here if yould like to look at it as a gift of story telling rather than the above said so beit but it is the same thing) now you might not beleive in god or his power or magick or any other supernatual powers or gifts that are said to be possessed by god whom man created if an unfathomable number of people cant justify killing, torturing , ostrisizing or simply shunning and degrading one another for a belief that was created by us to give us purpose and a positive set of standards to base our lifes on. god was created to help improve the quality of life only to become a key divider.all because man is a damn good story teller... and this is a fuckin amazing gift to have but you see the pronlem is how is that man can make some thing more powerful than him self. how is it that we set up a system of laws to make us comfortable functioning in day to day life only to find that this system has grown sooo big that we get nervous driving down the road when we see a cop even when do have done no wrongs. how is it that im afraid to sleep because i had just been sentenced to 60 days in l.a. county jail for such a charge we as a society today are a moder dr frankenstien living under the rule of our creations (for exmp. capitalism war relegion pride social classes) its come to a point where it to big to change or stop the most we can do any more is dedicate the rest of one life to resistance and teaching and helping one another out at almost all costs we to be be both the strong and sensitive we have to be hopeless romantics and fighters because if you arent touched moved or hurt especially hurt to hear of such tagedies and injustices of today you couldnt actually know that the problems truely lay dormant hidden behind the decoys and agendas of the news and instilled into the young through blind acceptence and and the other hand to be compassionate to the worlds problems without the balls or go get 'em mentality you ll just find your self suffering from a bad case of depression becauase youll see you cant change the world with just thought alone and to be honest too many people are out to change the wolrd to change the world would to require forcing the world to accept your beliefs which is what we are combating so now we look at our selves here now you tell me as a group and a comunity what exactly are we trying to accomplish? to try to change the world will do nothing but fill us with despair and discouragement but to nuetralize the curruption instilled in our lifes to live with purpose. i dont live in a life of my making but rather that of my parents so im not out to improve the my own live but rather looking out for my kid . resisteance not revolution!
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