revolvher (revolvher) wrote in gasmasksociety,

this may sound cliche and a waste of your time..
but i was watching American History X last night...and ive seen it numerous times before..
but everything's always percieved differently at different stages in your life.
and a character in the movie asks this nazi character if anything he has done made his life better.and the nazi breaks down and cries because no, it has not.
and i was thinking if that goes both ways. as an activist for numerous causes---i feel as i become informed of new events/tragedy's...i become more enraged/upset...and of coarse you can meet these with demonstrations and educating other people but..there is still something missing I not sure exactly how to word this but for those who understand....comment?
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thats somewhat true.
but as a nazi your standing for your personal beliefs, and you atleast have those, which most people have no idea what they are standing for.
as an activist i feel great, agrivated only when people dont know whats really going on or dont care about whats going on outside of their little box.
I have great pride in being able to spread a message accross the masses, and being able to atleast be heard, and maybe persuade another person to help the cause.
I find that I care too much about things that I cant control I get angered at things I cant control. Or atleast when I try to control or even have an impact I fail miserabnly. ive came to this conclusion in life. Everything is bound to fail and very seldom do I feel happy about anything but I keep on trucking and I keep on trying.. hmm guess I used this as a rant. I do know how ya feel though
feeling unsatisfied ? not being fulfilled by activism alone? of course somethings missing its called resolve. im glad your not being fulfilled merely by all this shit because theres still alot of shit out there. the day you feel come completed by activism is the day we stop fighting for there need be no more changes you follw me? whether you like it or not? be unfilled but be unfulfilled with purpose