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anti-capitalist rant

I've outlined one of my biggest problems with society in this mostly mindless rant. I have problems getting people to talk with me about these ideas, and therefore have a difficult time developing ideas. Comments, criticism and support alike, would be really helpful to me.

I’m beginning to dislike his culture, this fucked up culture so brainwashed that we don't realize that we are selling our happiness for counterfeit happiness, too wrapped up in this ideal of "superiority" that life doesn't matter anymore, that nothing matters outside the pursuit of wealth. I heard once that whoever came up with that "pursuit of happiness" thing was countering another future president's suggestion of "pursuit of wealth." If it had been pursuit of power, they would all have been the same statement.
People in hunting and foraging societies generally work less than three hours a day. The rest of the time is spent socializing, chilling out, being human. In this "civilized society" we work like mad, pushing sixty, seventy, eighty hours a week. For what? For a paycheck, a symbol. We call it success. Success is measured in wasted time, time taken out of your life, away from your friends and family, away from your own psyche. Success is the amount of money you make, the amount of money you make depends on how many of hours you are willing to dedicate to kissing ass and sitting in and office or slaving in manual labor. We can’t be happy because happiness depends on security: having a home, food, loved ones. But we and our children are brainwashed (the average American teen spends more time in front of television than in front of teachers, clergy, or parents put together) into thinking that shelter is nothing less than the two story suburban home with constant new furniture and appliances because nothing lasts longer than its six-month warranty, that food is the plastic substance that not even mold will feed on from McDonalds, that love and sex are one and the same and come in a bottle of perfume or a bottle of beer or the perfect pair of jeans YOU WILL NEVER BE THIN ENOUGH TO WEAR. We consume and consume and consume these substances becoming more and more miserable and working harder and harder to achieve them because we don’t know that love is more than white-out colored teeth and dangerously thin thighs. Bits of paper that symbolize chunks of your life thrown away at some fast-food restraunt, some advertising firm, some construction job. A symbol that in fact has nothing to do with actual reality but we are all willing to live and die for.
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